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Best Reusable Pads for Heavy Flow

• Updated on June 21, 2023

If you believe reusable pads are solely for hippies, you’re wrong. Most women who look at reusable pads are simply searching for a different, potentially safer, and more environmentally responsible approach to manage their periods.

Below we go over the best reusable pads for heavy flow as well as some of the brands on the market.

Why do we need reusable pads?

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The menstruation pads you are looking for are reusable. We all had our own personal disposable bathroom soap and toilet papers. It seemed the only choice was to go into the drugstore for everything: Plastic covered, bleached, white cotton disposable bags, often decorated with quirky smells. They’re extremely expensive to wear. Cloth pad costs are often more expensive upfront compared to disposable packs, however they are durable for many years. Imagine not spending any more money on pads and tampons for years!

Save money and the planet with these sustainable pads

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Our independent research, testing and recommendations provide unbiased information that can help you find the right product. You could earn commissions on buying anything from our links. Your period will depend entirely on your individual needs. Zero waste can’t always be achieved with everybody; depending if you have a certain type of lifestyle you’re comfortable with, work and other circumstances. Nevertheless, it is uncontested that one-use menstrual products are extremely damaging to the environment. The average period user can have five to fifteen thousand pads or tampons in his lifetime. The average pad contains approximately 4 bags of plastics.

Best pads for heavy flow: Topsy Daisy Super Pads

Topsy Daisy Super Pads

Topsy Daisy Super Pads come with 2 extra-long inserts which can be used alone or together. The pads are 14 inches wide and lighter in diameter compared to traditional pads – providing both heavy flow and overnight protection, so that sleepers can easily fall asleep. Cotton flannel on the inside makes it very soft. Its highly absorbency cotton Terry cloth is a good option for high flow days. They are adaptable to use postpartum. These garments can be produced with 100% unbleached organic cotton GOTS certified, and is also a sustainable choice for all.

Best Reusable Pad Brands

The more stores have reusable pads the better, but online shopping makes buying pads comfortable, reusable and affordable. There are established companies producing cloth liners, as well as small manufacturers of the cloth liners, that manufacture the cloth liners, most of these companies are home businesses. It can be a very broad choice, so we inspected the market and found reusable pads to be the best. We hope that this article helped you choose the correct reusable menstrual sanitary pad. Link.

Topsy Daisy® Reusable Menstrual Products

Topsy Daisy is a little firm with huge ambitions: to mainstream cloth pads and menstrual cups and empower menstruators worldwide. Customers all around the world receive our comfortable, thoughtfully made reusable menstrual products.

We are a family-owned and operated business that operates out of our house. We are proud of how hard we work to keep our clients pleased. We want to keep our clients for a long time, thus we’ve made the decision as a company to over-deliver!

Domino Pads ® Reusable Cloth Pads

Domino Pad is made with high-quality materials, including WindPro fleece. The pads are hand-woven but are offered as patterned and un-woven. Domino Pad comes in seven sizes and has 5 absorbent levels and has wing snaps which snap closed. When purchasing directly from a website, all pads are custom-made. This typically takes 7 days for delivery of most orders. For a quicker delivery, you may order a Dominos pad at Amazon.

Tree Hugger® Reusable Cloth Pads

The company differentiates itself by combining luxurious materials in fun colors and printed fabrics. The partnership is also with Weforest, which planted trees on every cloth, a pantsy liner and pad. The company’s headquarters are at Winnipeg in Manitoba Canada and manufactures eco-friendly products including diapering cloths and nursing shirts. Limited Offers! Free delivery on orders above $99.

PantyProp ® Reusable Cloth Pads

This two-sided protector provides a protective surface against stains and splatters when worn under PantyProp clothing. It was designed so you can enjoy the most comfort and feel like wearing no pads. PantyPan’s dual-sided pad is made from soft cotton blended with super absorbable cashmere wool. They are eco-friendly, machine washable and affordable and are produced in the United States.


Made Of – Organic cotton reclaimed polyester Sizes – Mini Maxi. Price & Super Price: $6 – $25 per aisle. Pioneered menstrual hygiene for nearly 20 years with its new technology. The aisle pads combine sustainability and efficacy with eco-friendly materials. The winged pads have various sizes, patterns, and capacities depending on your flow. It’s a great way to find the best matches.

Ruby Love

Made Of | Cotton & Cashmere Wool. Available Sizes & Medium. Price is $19.00 for the 2-Packs – MultiPacks. When a side is empty, the dri-tech mesh can be flipped and provides hours of added protection. Since these mats are created of natural materials, it’s unlikely your home regions will be affected. Available in a 2- to 12-pack, this is an inexpensive reusable pad available.


Made of certified organic cotton. Size Available. Petite to overnight. Price. This pad consists of five ultra-absorbing layers of certified organic cotton and is sealed with reusable packaging, without chemicals and carcinogens. Rael has donated menstrual supplies to Los Angeles women through a number of continuing partnerships.

Hannah Paddock

Made from organic cotton available sizes | Pantyliners night price. They are ideal – from ultra overnights to super ultras – to ensure you have adequate cover all through the cycle. This is the best sustainable approach we have. Alternatively, you may order online on American sites.


Made of Organic Cotton. Available sizes | Pantyliners for overnight pricing | $9.49–39.49 per package. GladRags cloth pads are a perfect alternative to disposables, which contain as much blood as a regular pad.

Homestead Emporium

Homestead Emporium is a family business located in Saskatchewan, Canada, which sells reusable everyday products like scrunchies, and even a hat. All of them hand-sewed with bamboo & cotton and have dozens of sizes and absorbents for the individual. Our customers enjoy the luxurious and thoughtfulness that this reusable holder embodies.

For a Zero-Waste Period Routine

If you dislike cups and tampons, they can be helpful in controlling your period. There is no universal pad. Menopausers may spend hundreds, if not hundreds of millions, on pads and may also cause friction to our intimate areas. We understand! This reusable pad is ideal for long-term use. Make a few money saving choices for your own health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are reusable pads good for heavy flow?

Reusable Pads

Using disposable pads can help manage menstrual fluids. This will be beneficial both for our health and the environment. This idea whose principles thrive on optimal use and reuse to minimize wasted energy has impacted many aspects of life—including our menstrual cycle.

Which sanitary pad is best for heavy flow?

Stayfree Drymax overnight dry cover sanitary pads These Stayfree night sanitary pads are longer and wider compared to normal pad and provide double better security. This pad has a dry covering to ensure you’ll be comfortable if you’re in a heavy flow.

Do reusable menstrual pads leak?

This is not a problem since GladRag absorbs very well! Like disposable pads, these can leak when the cover has been left on long enough. It helps you understand the length of time you need to change the pad.

Are reusable pads worth it?

Reusable pad helps reduce waste and reduces waste in landfills. … Reusable product lasts longer and endures multiple usage. They also do not have toxic chemicals like disposables which are not safe and can harm our health.

How do you use a heavy flow pad?

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Ztoo5pc. Reusable toilet paper pads washcloth sanitary towels sanitary washcloth heavy flow nightwash cloth menstrual sanitary towelsair. Five Pack washabletryme Set of three reusable baby clothing washbag Windpro linen Med normal moderate heavy flow organic cotton linen pad with heavy flow, liner, postpartumwegreece bamboo reusable – washbags, washbags, washbags, washbags, wash Black and Blue Stripe Primrose 29″ Heavy flow night pads Reusable tan cloth pads mama tans, 5.5 pack heavy flowmenstrual pads.

Are Ultra Thin pads good for heavy flow?

If you are experiencing heavy flow, you shouldn’t buy thin or ultra-thin absorbent pads during this time.

Are maxi pads better for heavy flow?

Maxi Pads

On days with strong flow you should get pads with a “Super” absorbency. During an intense menstrual flow you may experience blood loss from 60 to 100 millilitres. If you find that the absorbent pads need replacing every two hours, you should try using Super Maxi pads instead.

Are charcoal pads safe?

It’s made for comfort and has effective absorption capabilities. Safe & simple cleaning Disposable sanitary cloth contains harmful chemicals. Furthermore, these pollutants contribute to global environmental problems. All bamboo Charcoal Sanitary Pads are washable to ensure safety.

Which cloth is best for periods?

Cotton is a good material to use on pads on days when your flow is lighter. Then, we suggest using a PUL material — another material we will discuss later.

How do I choose a reusable period pad?

The most important thing to consider before choosing a cloth pad is its absorption. Once you determine your absorbency, you’re given options of choosing either an extra long or large style (as we have in our Pantyliners & Day Pad line Plus).

How heavy is too heavy period?

It’s very painful when your tampon is changed within the last hour. When you experience such bleeding, it is recommended to go to a specialist. Untreated bleeding can hinder a person’s life. A few people have suffered a stroke, and some of them are still in a stable state.

Why is my flow so heavy?

If hormones are not balanced, it may cause the skin to become thick and lead to bleeding. When you do not ovulate or conceive, this can affect the balance of hormones in your system, causing thicker lining and longer periods.

What is considered a heavy flow?

Often women describe high flows as “flooding” or “clotting” and require changing sanitary products once per day. Heavy flow is defined as the loss of 80 mg of blood in a menstrual cycle if there are more than 80% of females causing iron-loss anemia.

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