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How to Prevent a Heavy Flow Period at 12 Years Old – Tips That May Help

How to prevent a heavy flow period at 12 years old?

The first thing that parents do when their babies start having potty accidents is that they become very excited.

They begin shouting and jumping around, as well as doing a lot of excitement and actions.

While this can be exciting for a short time, these actions will not help in any way in dealing with the problem of how to prevent a heavy flow.

Therefore, what parents need to understand is that while they are excited and jumping around, they should stop that right away.

Holding on to their excitement is only going to lead to even more frustration and disappointment.

Instead, how to prevent a heavy flow at 12 years old is to focus on using positive reinforcements.

One of the best ways how to prevent a heavy flow at 12 years old is to make sure that there is always constant support for your child throughout the potty training process.

This should always be done regardless of how much progress has been made.

While it may seem easier just to leave your child to his or her own devices for most of the time, this is not the right approach.

This is because a child needs constant guidance throughout the process to feel secure and help develop a strong sense of self.

A child is going to begin developing bladder control at an earlier age than most children, but this does not mean that they will never have accidents.

What is important is that when you are trying to find out how to prevent a heavy flow period at 12 years old, remember to focus on getting your child involved in all of the activities.

After all, a potty training plan is not complete if no one is taking part in the process.

Encourage your child to go pee, poop, and use the potty.

Make sure that everyone is involved to get the biggest benefits possible.

Another tip on how to prevent a heavy flow period at 12 years old is to ensure that your child is in a comfortable situation when he or she goes potty.

A comfortable situation may mean following a set schedule.

For example, if your child starts going to the bathroom before the scheduled time each day, ensure that he or she is wearing a comfortable, loose-fitting diaper.

It is also important to keep a close eye on the food intake and eat smaller meals more frequently.

These will help to regulate the number of liquids consumed throughout the day and help to speed up metabolism and appetite suppression.

How to prevent a heavy flow period at 12 years old can also be achieved by making sure that the toilet seat is firm upon every potty training attempt.

You can try using a potty chair instead, but if you cannot afford this luxury, it may be best to use the toilet bowl.

The toilet seat needs to be firm for one reason: strong-willed children need to feel secure when they are learning how to use the potty.

No one wants to have to use the bathroom on soft grounds and if the seat is too soft, they will not be as eager to sit on it and learn how to urinate or defecate.

Another helpful hint on how to prevent a heavy flow period at 12 years old is to make sure that you establish a routine.

Children who go through potty training need to be given a certain amount of “downtime”.

This downtime is not supposed to be very long or fun, but it is supposed to help them focus on other things.

If you create a pattern where you set aside some time for potty training each day, and then give them an extra hour or so on each of the weekends, you will establish a routine that the child knows is coming and it will help them get through the heavy flow period faster.

For example, if you give your child three hours on Saturdays and three hours on Sundays, he or she will learn to be accustomed to going to the bathroom during the day, which is something that most kids hate to do.

One last hint on how to prevent a heavy flow period at 12 years old is to remember that you do not have to take drastic measures, especially if your child already has the skills necessary to deal with heavy flow periods regularly.

In fact, it is often best if you do not rush the process at all.

Your child may just need a little patience, but patience and time is usually the key to learning how to stop a heavy flow period at 12 years old.

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