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The Cariad Project

The Cariad Project is providing hygiene and period kits to the refugee and asylum seeker community in Amman. Work permits are not granted upon entry to Amman so men cannot earn a wage to provide for their families. Women are choosing to buy food and nappies over any kind of sanitary protection. 

The women that The Cariad Project helps are currently putting their family’s needs before their own, during their periods women are using their children’s nappies, layering toilet paper on top of full pads and most shockingly a vast majority of women are using rags. In the future I will be teaming up with local healthcare professionals and holding period taboo busting sessions in the hope of empowering a new generation of young women.

Alison Skipper
The Women behind The Cariad Project

At the beginning of 2018 my husband received the news that we would be moving to Jordan and that he would be taking up a new position within the company he works for. We have both had military careers so were used to making big moves to new countries - though leaving England was tough as we had made some amazing friends! We settled into Jordanian life quickly and in January I was offered the opportunity to visit some churches and centres that are supporting refugee families and listened to harrowing first-hand accounts of how they have come to be in Jordan and the unbelievable violence they have fled. After only one week of hearing these accounts my heart had broken and my soul was heavy with a sadness I had never really experienced. Jordan takes in refugees from countries including Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and Iraq. There are organisations here that provide food vouchers, trauma relief and emergency care but there is no one helping with period and hygiene kits.

Topsy Daisy are providing period pads for 25 kits that I will be trialling with a group of women at the Collateral Repair Project centre, these women have access to a great female only space that is vital as they do not need to worry about any men walking in while we discuss the pads and period hygiene. While I wait for the pads to arrive I am preparing period kits containing disposable pads and hygiene products for the women in immediate need. It is inevitable that not all women will be able to use the reusable pads due to the culture here. 

If these women choose to switch to reusable period pads they will rid themselves of the monthly financial anxiety and most importantly young girls will be able to continue with their schooling instead of dropping out of lessons due to having their period.

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