6x Panty Liners
6x Panty Liners
6x Panty Liners
6x Panty Liners
6x Panty Liners
6x Panty Liners
6x Panty Liners

6x Panty Liners

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Our 7" Amarylis Panty Liners features an ultra-thin leak-proof backing and extremely soft ultra-absorbent organic bamboo terry pad which will keep fluids away from your body so you stay dry feel comfortable confident all day long. 

Absorbency Level? This product absorbs the same amount as this # of disposable pads / tampons

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Amarylis Panty Liner 

Make a choice that's better for you and the planet, without sacrificing comfort or performance. Using innovative fabric technology and edge-to-edge leak protection, Amarylis Panty Liners are an ultra-thin, reusable alternative to wasteful disposable pantiliners.

So Happy With How They Feel ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I was really hesitant at first and worried that reusable panty liners wouldn't stay in place but am so happy with how they feel! All-day protection with zero insecurity about leaks. I felt dry all the time! I can't go back to disposable and will be purchasing a few more soon."

- Sherry D.


  • 95% cotton 5% spandex jersey
  • 100% polyester core
  • Polyurethane-laminated 95% cotton 5% spandex jersey backing
  • poly-resin snap

Machine wash & dry

What's in the box?

  • 6x Amarylis Panty Liners
  • 1x FREE Wet Bag

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