Menstrual Cups Sterilizer in blue
Menstrual Cups Sterilizer in all available colors
Collapsible Sterilizing Cup for Menstrual Cups
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Menstrual Cups Sterilizer in pink
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Collapsible Sterilizing Cup for Menstrual Cups

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The Sterilizer is fantastic for boiling and disinfecting your Topsy Daisy Cup once a month between your periods. It is foldable and made of 100% food grade silicone. The manufacturer is ISO9001-2008 certified. Available in different colors.


  • The easiest way to sterilize your cup after your cycle
  • Long-lasting and safe material
  • Easy to use in the microwave or oven
  • Foldable: easy for traveling

Instructions for Use

Fill your Topsy Daisy Sterilizer with enough water to boil cup but make sure it is not completely full so it can overflow. Do not close the lid, just place it loosely on top (otherwise it pops open from the heat pressure and water will spill). Put the sterilizer with your cup inside in the oven or microwave:

  • Microwave: boil for 2-3 minutes at 600-1000 Watts
  • Oven: boil at 200° Celsius or 390° Fahrenheit for 10 minutes

After it is boiled be careful not to burn yourself – the sterilizer will be very hot. Once the water has cooled down, you can take out your cup. It is now safe and clean to use during your next period.

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