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Topsy Daisy is a small business with big ideas: to make cloth pads and menstrual cups go mainstream and empower menstruators everywhere. We ship comfortable, thoughtfully-designed reusable menstrual products to customers all over the world.

We are a home-based, family-run business. We proudly work really hard to keep our customers happy. We aim for having long-term customers and have decided as a company that it’s important to over-deliver!

We champion period positivity by displacing disgust and disposability with celebration and reusability. By reinforcing that menstruation is normal and educating the community about reusables, we erode the myth that periods should be shamed and hidden. As a result, reusables have rapidly shifted from “alternative menstrual hygiene” to an option that’s increasingly being embraced by the mainstream, particularly as the benefits like cost savings, concern for the earth, and the desire for a more comfortable period are being heralded by a growing Topsy Daisy online community.

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