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Why Switch?

This page is dedicated to women out there that continuously ponder how reusable menstrual products differ from your usual tampons and sanitary pads. You can navigate through this page to get information for various sections that reusable menstrual products affect. From the environmental benefits to the healthy change to financial savings and a significant improvement in performance, you’ll find it all here.

Here’s to all the ladies that are already making the switch!


You use them every month for your menstrual cycle, yet you have no idea what your menstrual pads and tampons are made up of. Have you experienced discomfort while using them?

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Our gratitude goes out to women who made the switch to Topsy Daisy products. Because of you, an astounding 2 million disposable sanitary pads and menstrual products like tampons don’t make their way to landfills every month. Considering the environmental impact of your choice, you’re minimizing your carbon footprint through the continued patronage of reusable, durable and environmentally-friendly Topsy Daisy products.

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Sanitary menstrual pads and tampons are suitable for single-use only. This means that you’ll have to spend money every month on a fresh batch of menstrual products that can be replaced with reusable alternatives like Topsy Daisy’s products. Our products are stress and hassle-free, comfortable, and financially-liberating.

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How does Topsy Daisy’s reusable, eco, and budget-friendly options compare to single-use menstrual products? Although disposables reign supreme because of the inclusion of chemicals and nano-plastics involved in its manufacturing, we can say that Topsy Daisy doesn’t go far behind as an organic and healthy alternative.

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