Reusable Panty Liners

For periods and everyday leaks

Disposable panty liners can be expensive, wasteful, not to mention they have harmful chemicals and cause rashes.

Using reusable panty liners is the way to go if you’re concerned about waste, your budget, and your body.

These soft, comfortable panty liners will save you time and money while keeping your underwear clean. They are thin enough to wear discreetly under panties but sturdy enough to handle light flows and vaginal leaks. Our liners are also made with body-safe materials that won’t irritate sensitive skin as latex or plastic pads do.

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Liners Set

Liners Set

(5-Pack + FREE Carry Bag)

Comfortable and cheerful. Add this colorful panty liners set to your stock of reusables, we promise you wont regret it. These are great for every day use, light flow and light bladder leakage.

Extended Liners Set

Extended Liners Set

(5-Pack + FREE Carry Bag)

Making you feel confident and clean during your menstrual cycle is of extreme importance to us. The Extended Liner allows you to move freely, despite heavy flows.

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I recently made the switch. Honestly, best decision ever!
Linda C.
Amazing Women

If you’re out and about when leaks occur you don’t feel wet.
Elizabeth C.
Amazing Women

Since I use the cup in combination with these pads I have saved tons and tons of money!!!
Loreni K.
Amazing Women

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