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How To Get Smell Out Of Reusable Pads

• Updated on June 21, 2023

Here are some points to understand about pads, how they can smell bad in some circumstances, and also suggestions to get that smell out.

I’ve had years of experience dealing with reusable pads and have spoken with lots of our consumers to get to the conclusions and solutions mentioned below.

Do Reusable Pads Smell? Let’s Answer This First

Reusable Pad

No, they do not. clot pads do not naturally smell or retain odors. Reusable cloth pads have a tendency to stay fresh whereas non-reusable pads don’t. The material present in the cloth pad will enable the moisture to vaporize. If the cloth pad is much less damp, then there is a possibility for fewer germs that produce undesirable scents.

The chemicals present in disposable pads are made to take in fluid and create a nasty odor. That’s the reason that a non-reusable pad produces a nad smell. It produces a pungent scent when it is damp or soiled. 

Several brand names make their non-reusable sanitary pads greatly scented, to mask the odor.

Recyclable cloth pads do not contain any kind of unpleasant chemicals. It restricts the undesirable reactions when the pad takes in menstruation liquid. A cloth pad does not generate any type of smell or odor.

Some Tips to Avoid Foul Odors

Well, keeping utilized pads about, particularly when saturating, can get stinky if you’re not mindful. Some tips for staying clear of odor are:

Include something to the soaking water– Adding a little tea tree essential oil (or disinfectant) in the container you saturate them can assist eliminate the microorganisms that cause the smell, and mask any type of odor

Change the saturating water– Change the water frequently (every day). You’ll possibly require to transform it more in summer than you do in winter months or if you reside in a warm environment. Bear in mind the water is excellent for the yard.

Washing– Rinsing your pads before you soak them, and/or when you change the water can prevent them from becoming stinky.

What If I’ve Left The Pads Soaking For Too Long?

Washing cloth in soap

If it’s too late and you’ve left your pads soaking, forgot about them (it happens) and they have ended up being a little smelly (or they have actually gone musty from sitting around damp waiting to be washed) there’s still something you can do.

First change the water where your pads are sitting. Then soak them for a few minutes/hoursin a good mix of baking soda, disinfectant, tea tree oil, or something comparable.

Don’t use bleach– while it does work well, your pads will discolor and it can weaken the fibers. After soaking, rinse them out once more, and/or pop them in the washing machine.

Then hang them outside in the sunlight to completely dry. If there is still a trace of smell, you can duplicate the soaking/machine washing which ought to take care of it.

There are probably various other methods for washing as well as stain removal that people use. Interestingly, what benefits someone might not benefit another. 

It appears some people have extra difficulty with staining than others– so different people’s blood appears to cause stains even more than others.

For years I did the soaking technique, yet I regularly left pads soaking also lengthy and I got tired of dealing with a smelly container of pads so now I just rinse them out instantly (I can do that as I’m at home a lot of the time), then doing the “shower stamp”, letting them completely dry over the shower rail and then placing them in my following tons of cleaning. If I have pads I’ve worn of your home or it’s been a light circulation day and also the blood has actually dried out, I soak them awhile to soften that, after that rinse them out. If required, I leave the pad totally wet, (folded up in half however not soaking in a bucket of water) until I shower stomp it. I discover for me this leads to the least quantity of staining, without requiring to make use of anything aside from regular washing fluid.

Do Your Cloth Pads Still Smell After Washing Multiple Times?

cloth pads drying on the cord

You may be struggling with a genital infection such as Bacterial Vaginosis or a Yeast Infection.

These conditions prevail in those that have used disposable menstruation items, specifically tampons.

Tampons can modify the pH equilibrium in your vaginal canal by introducing foreign bacteria and absorbing healthy and balanced microorganisms. There are a lot of all-natural techniques for getting that healthy and balanced microbial balance back.

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