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Reusable Heavy Flow Period Pads

Welcome to our specially curated selection of reusable period pads for heavy flow. Crafted to provide efficient and reliable protection, these pads cater to those with heavier menstrual cycles. Designed with sustainability and optimum absorbency in mind, our heavy flow reusable pads are not only eco-friendly but also highly comfortable and practical.

Reusable Heavy Flow Period Pads Sets

Start saving with our collection of reusable pads sets.

Ready to give reusable period pads a try? They’re comfy, eco-friendly, and great for any woman’s needs.
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Single Heavy Flow Reusable Period Pads

Try a single reusable pad or build your own set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are reusable pads good for heavy flow?

Yes, reusable pads can be very effective for heavy flows. With thicker absorbent layers and often a waterproof backing, they are designed to hold more menstrual fluid than disposable pads. The key is selecting a pad size and design suited for your specific flow intensity.

Can I have a pad on for 7 hours on a heavy flow?

For a heavy flow, it’s recommended to change a pad more frequently, typically every 4 to 6 hours, to maintain hygiene and comfort. Wearing a pad for 7 hours on a heavy flow day might lead to leaks, discomfort, and could possibly pose a hygiene issue.

Which pad is best for heavy flow in night?

For heavy flow at night, a larger size or a specifically-designed overnight reusable pad, like our Super Pad, is recommended. These pads have greater coverage and absorbency to offer extended protection while sleeping, minimizing the risk of leaks and ensuring a comfortable night’s rest.

How do you not leak on a heavy period with pads?

To avoid leaks during a heavy period with pads, ensure you’re using a pad designed for heavy flow, which provides greater absorbency. Regularly changing your pad, roughly every 4 hours, also helps. At night, consider using pads designed for overnight use, which often have additional length or wider wings for extra protection.

Do reusable pads smell?

No, reusable pads don’t typically produce a smell as they are free from chemicals and fragrances often found in disposable pads. Any natural odors are associated with menstrual fluid itself, which can be minimized with proper cleaning and care of the pads.

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