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Postpartum Reusable Pads

Welcome to our specialized collection of postpartum reusable pads. Engineered for the unique needs of women in the postpartum period, these products provide the comfort and reliable protection needed during this special time. Take a look through our range and discover the perfect fit for your postpartum care today.

Ready to give reusable pads a try? They’re comfy, eco-friendly, and great for any woman’s needs.
Browse our collection and find your perfect match today!

Single Postpartum Reusable Pads

Try a single reusable pad or build your own set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use reusable pads after birth?

Yes, reusable pads can be used after birth. They are often softer and more comfortable than disposables, making them a good choice for postpartum bleeding and urinary leakage. Choose a larger size or a pad specifically designed for postpartum use to ensure adequate absorption and coverage.

How many reusable postpartum pads do I need?

The number of reusable postpartum pads required can vary among individuals, but a common recommendation is to have around 10-12. This allows for a clean supply while others are being washed. Adjustments can be made depending on personal flow and how frequently the pads are laundered.

What pads should I use after giving birth?

After giving birth, it’s typically suggested to use large, high-absorbency pads. Reusable pads designed specifically for postpartum use are a good option, offering comfort and maximum absorption. Choosing pads without chemicals and fragrances can also help avoid irritation, which is crucial for postpartum care.

Should I change my pad every time I pee postpartum?

It’s not necessary to change your pad every time you pee postpartum, unless the pad is soiled or saturated. Typically, changing your pad every 4 to 6 hours or when it becomes uncomfortable is sufficient for maintaining hygiene and comfort. Postpartum pads are designed to handle both menstrual blood and any incidental urinary leakage.

Do reusable pads smell?

No, reusable pads don’t typically produce a smell as they are free from chemicals and fragrances often found in disposable pads. Any natural odors are associated with menstrual fluid itself, which can be minimized with proper cleaning and care of the pads.

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