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You use them every month for your menstrual cycle, yet you have no idea what your menstrual pads and tampons are made up of. Have you experienced discomfort while using them? That includes rashes, itching, and infections that not only affect your reproductive system but can pose a threat to your overall health as well. Of course, you are forced to endure that irritable condition because you have no choice or alternatives. Fortunately, now you have plenty of organic, all-natural and reusable options.

You no longer need to be exposed to harmful chemicals and synthetic materials that are mostly found in your preferred brand of sanitary pads and tampons.

Secret Toxic Chemicals In Pads

For a quick fact check, here’s what your common sanitary pads and tampons are made of. The primary material found in these menstrual pads and products is identified to be bleached wood pulp, otherwise referred to as viscose rayon. Viscose rayon is made up of wood cellulose. When you look at it, viscose rayon alone isn’t absorbent without the integration of chemicals, namely, super-absorbent acrylic polymers (SAPs) and surfactant-laced gels. Without much research for its long-term use and effect, its impact on a woman’s health is uncertain.

Although we aren’t authorities for health and wellness, we are sure that almost every woman in the face of this Earth is experiencing discomfort when using sanitary pads and various menstrual products. Many are experiencing allergic reactions that are forced to tolerate because there are no healthy alternatives in the market.

Unless you want a myriad of chemicals entering your body that aren’t fully disclosed in the packaging of menstrual products and contains several whatnots with no certainty of its impact on your health, you may want to switch to Topsy Daisy reusable products! Remember, you’re in control, and you have the choice of a healthier and natural alternative for your intimate health.


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