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Highly Absorbent, Breathable And Leakproof

In a nutshell, reusables like Topsy Daisy menstrual pads requires you to adopt a flexible and new routine to ensure that you’re feeling fresh, comfortable, and leak-proof down there. Single-use menstrual products are filled with chemical ingredients (who knows what goes in there?) that have been the standard means of relieving reproductive cycle woes.

Ladies, it’s time to break out of the norm! Make the switch and choose Topsy Daisy now!

I was sceptical

I was sceptical at the start but now use them full time.

- Julie T.

you don't feel wet

If you're out and about when leaks occur you don't feel wet.

- Elizabeth C.

I have saved tons

Since I use the cup in combination with these pads I have saved tons and tons of money!!!

- Loreni K.

last 5 years?

What do you mean they last 5 years? Mine are almost 7 and still look new!!!

Larissa N.

better than disposable pads

They are better than wearing disposable pads that are full of chemicals to neutralise the smell

Laura L.


I use them for bladder leakage and mainly for overnight. They are AMAZING!

Rikissa H.